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Participation in the ‘integrated achievement announcement meeting’ of the IT and S/W Convergence Innovation Center

On the 28th of last month, Samsung Electronics announced the achievements of the national policy projects in the air conditioning and energy sector at the ‘integrated achievement announcement meeting’ of the IT and S/W Convergence Innovation Center, which is managed by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, at the El Tower in Yangjae-dong. The meeting was attended by Samsung Electronics and seven other companies that participated in the 1st year R&D project, including XIIlab, which collaborated in the development of big data-based VRF energy analysis services. XIIlab received a plaque of appreciation from the Convergence Innovation Center.


XIIlab signs MoU with ISoftStone in China

On the 9th of last month, XIIlab held an MoU signing ceremony with ISoftStone, a software solution development and selling company based in China. The agreement for the construction of a big data-based smart city was promoted by the service request of the power consumer and supplier in the overseas EMS (energy management system) market. XIIlab plans to expand the business area pursuant to more specific discussions.


XIIlab enters into a partnership with Hortonworks for Data analyst training program

XIIlab, a company specializing in big data, is set to enter into a partnership with Hortonworks, a global Hadoop enterprise, in a bid to spur its education business. XIIlab (CEO: Woo-yeong Lee) announced on December 3 that it plans to accelerate its marketing campaign in the domestic Big Data market, starting with a Big Data service as a joint project with Hortonworks, the first project of its kind in Korea. The Hortonworks education program introduced by XIIlab consists of training curriculum for Big Data experts including training courses for data analysts and Java developers, as well as a system management expert training course encompassing system installation/control/monitoring and maintenance.


XIIlab Is the First Korean Company to Join Hortonworks` Certified Technology Partner Program

XIIlab Is First Korean Company to Join Hortonworks" Certified Technology Partner Program XIIlab has joined Hortonwork"s Certified Technology Partner Program, thus proving that BuzzBee, XIIlab"s big data analysis service, is running on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) perfectly, and confirming that Xlllab"s big data analysis technology has acquired international recognition. XIIlab"s big data analysis service "BuzzBee”, which has been included in Hortonwork"s Certified Technology Partner Program, is a web-based service that enables monitoring of SNS subjects, risk management, and forecasting based on social media data collection and analysis. "Being the first Korean company to join Hortonwork"s Certified Technology Partner Program means that our big data service has gained international confidence. Based on our big data handling capabilities, we will develop overseas markets actively, not to mention the local market," said Lee Woo-young, the CEO of XIIlab.