Company History


  • 06 Developed a ‘health-tainment’ convergence ecosystem, managed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
             and selected to support commercialization
  • 05 Developed a big data-based VRF energy analysis service (2nd)
         Selected as an implementer of the "First phase implementation of the pan-governmental collaboration process"
             managed by the National Information Society Agency.
  • 04 Signed an MOU with ISoftStone in China for the construction of a big data-based smart city.
         Selected as an international joint energy research company by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
  • 03 Opened a training course for Hortonworks Big Data Certificate.
  • 02 Developed an integrated operation system for the Suncheon City Business District Promotion Foundation.


  • 12 Developed a digital media board for Gwangmyeong traditional market.
         XIIlab and Hortonworks established an alliance for big data training business
  • 11 Developed a data collection engine and reporting tool for Samsung Electronics’ Big Data 2.0 Project.
  • 10 Extended a contract for the operation of IBK Fooding (Famous Restaurant Passbook Alliance Service).
  • 09 Selected to implement the cooperation task for energy/IT software convergence managed by the Ministry of
             Science, ICT and Future Planning.

         Released the Buzzbee B2C service (big data analysis service).
  • 04 Launched big data training services.
  • 03 Founded XIIlab Japan


  • 12 Guppii-Japan
        Winner of the minister's award from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
            (exemplary case of smart work implementation)

        Winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award and the Director of Small Business Administration Award.
         Opening of the Big Data Pavilion
         Listing on the KONEX market
  • 10 IBK fooding
  • 08      Acquisition of the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate
  • 07 Guppii
  • 06 Selected to implement the demonstration business for laying the groundwork for smart work promotion 2013.


  • 12 Winner of the presidential award from the Incheon Information Service during the Global S/W Contest;
         acquisition of the GS Certificate (12-0226) for the social content platform v1.0.
  • 11 Business district promotion service for Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si – Smilero
  • 08 Establishment of the affiliated laboratory
  • 06 Establishment of the Pangyo branch office.
  • 04 Selected to implement the demonstration business for laying the groundwork for smart work promotion (2012)
             managed by the National Information Society Agency.

                 "A demonstration business for an integrated management system based on social content in the business district promotion area in Seongnam-si."
  • 03 Opensocialet
  • 02 Selection as a new project for local S/W convergence business (2012~13) managed by the National IT Industry
             Promotion Agency.
    *Development of a SNS integration management system based on the next-generation web standard HTML5
  • 01 Sticker jop
        Buzzbee v2.0 / Buzzbee v 1.0


  • 12 Winner of the Presidential Award from the Korea Radio Promotion Association in recognition of its efforts to
             promote the smart work industry.

         My planet
  • 11 Opening of the Smart Work Center for the culture content of small and medium-sized businesses in Nam-gu,
         Incheon; certification as a venture company by the Kibo - Technology Guarantee Fund
  • 07 Selection to execute the demonstration business as the groundwork for smart work promotion.
  • 06 Establishment of the Incheon branch office
  • 03 Selection as a social network game company by the Seoul Business Agency.


  • 11 Winner of the grand prize of the KT Venture Awards 2010.
  • 08 KT- Implementation of the Network Robot BM Search Project/KT
  • 07 Establishment of XIIlab.