About XIIlab

XIIlab, as a company specializing in providing software and services based on big data analysis technology,
provides a new relation-based service. XIIlab was the first company in the analysis solution
industry to be listed on the KONEX market in 2013, based on its outstanding technical prowess.

XIIlab has been developing social data analysis technology since its foundation in July 2010 while participating in numerous public projects (smart work promotion project from 2011 to 2013, local software convergence support project from 2012 to 2013, etc.) and establishing an affiliated research center. Under the company’s vision of "We make services for us", XIIlab aims to provide services for us, and new service designs based on its relationship with users. XIIlab is expanding the scope of its business by providing a world-class big data technology service, as XIIlab was listed on KONEX in December 2013 and XIIlab Japan was established in March 2014.

Core Value

The company’s name, XIIlab, is an acronym of "eXperience, Idea, Insight Laboratory".
Experience, Ideas, and Insight represent the core values of XIIlab.


“We make service for us”

XIIlab develops services for us, its friends and families, and for its neighbors, by making the most of advanced IT technologies based on the development principle of "We make services for us!" XIIlab’s vision is centered on the design and development of user-oriented services. Rather than simply providing a service for users, XIIlab aims to provide a service that not only interacts with but also induces changes in its users.