SNS-based Bigdata analysis solution

The key of Big Data management to strengthen business competitiveness, creating value in Big Data

The power of forecasting the future – an essential competence in establishing a business strategy!
Predictive power can be acquired using Buzzbee, which identifies the hidden meanings in SNS messages.

Keywords can be monitored and risks managed and responded to by collecting and analyzing the data in SNS. In addition, the trends of a given company, its competitors, and related industries can be understood by analyzing specific themes. Insights are provided to help the user devise a new product strategy, manage a brand, and measure marketing results, by displaying the analysis results and drawing up reports after data mash-up.

Integrated SNS monitoring, and advertisement/marketing effect analysis by channel

-Advertisement effects and return on investment (ROI) by channel can be checked via analysis by channel
 (Facebook, Blog, Community, and YouTube)
-Main channel analysis of the keyword, emotion change by channel, ROI measurement by channel, level of user participation,  measurement of the dialogue rate, etc.

Efficient SNS strategy establishment and response by analyzing network users and their influence

-Provision of in-depth insight into the influence of SNS and their diffusion, by considering user relations and interactions,
 rather than a simple content analysis.
-Extraction of keyword influential factors, extracting active supporter groups, analyzing the influence of a particular supporter,
 and extracting influential factors that drive a particular emotion of the keyword.

Identification of potential risk and opportunity factors through reputation analysis and competitor/industry trend analysis

-Enhance a company’s reputation of brands, images, products, and services; provision of a broader view of the entire industry
 via competitor position analysis by industry and subject.
-Keyword reputation subdivision, competitor reputation subdivision, affirmation/negation of the keyword, issue-related emotion   analysis, keyword-related issue extraction, issue-related key topic extraction, and measurement of the dialogue ratio of the enterprise

Enables efficient visualization and reports on the analysis of various subjects

-Objective presentation of various formal/informal data analysis results, using a visualization technique that shows the entire contents
-Provision of more profound and meaningful analysis results by providing comprehensive reporting through data mash-up by the  person in charge of the data.

Buzzbee video