Big data education

Data scientist training program

Provision of the most legitimate big data education in Korea
through educational support and partnerships with Hadoop project developers.

Fostering key personnel for big data management

A professional education program for fostering data scientists for the management of ‘big data,’ which is emerging as a key factor of enterprise competitiveness: The program is designed to re-educate internal personnel (e.g. system administrators of the enterprise, DB working-level administrators, and civil servants of public agencies), as well as professional candidates seeking to become big data experts.

Offering the most legitimate and specialized big data education

XIIlab provides the most legitimate and specialized big data education in Korea in partnership with Hortonworks, a company founded by the developers of Yahoo's Hadoop, who also developed and implemented the Hadoop Project involving the open source software framework of the big data analysis standard. This course will be a reliable and proven course from the standpoint of big data course consumers getting educational support from Hadoop project developers and in partnership with Hortonworks at a higher level

Development of a strong online/offline education curriculum and provision of additional services using the education content.

Provision of a total education service based on a big data-related online/offline education curriculum and various supplementary services (national projects, certificate issuance, publication of teaching materials, etc.)