SNS-based customer management and business district information service

Small business owners are now armed with big data.
Guppii, a target marketing App aimed at 10 million customers.

Competitiveness of small business owners that can stand up against large-size stores!
Smart App in my hands - "Guppii" - will help to boost competitiveness

Guppii is a community information service that advertises a shop by analyzing data from SNS (Facebook, Twitter) and other services. Guppii provides a target marketing and customer management service for the owners of small businesses. Consumers can use highly reliable shop information recommended by their friends.

Social CRM service for small business owners

Guppii supports a customer recommendation function that recommends customers with a high probability of visiting through relation-based big data analysis, and effective target marketing by issuing a mobile coupon.

Community information service recommended by a friend

Guppii provides highly reliable recommended shop information based on two million shops throughout the country and customers' social data. You can identify the shops preferred by your friends, and shops that are popular around your current location.

Detailed Functions

1Big data-based target marketing
- Recommending potential customers with
  high probability of visiting the shop, using a
  big data-based customer pattern analysis method

- Outstanding target marketing effects achieved
  by directly matching customers with shops.
2 Sending a free text message (customer memo)
- Sending a push-type daily text message to
  recommended and regular customers.

- Supporting direct communication with customers.
3 Issuance of highly effective social
    coupons and SNS sharing
- Easier to issue and manage coupons than KakaoTalk
  or Facebook-based coupons, and they are free.

- Great dissemination and advertisement effects
  by sharing the coupons through SNS.
  (KakaoTalk and Facebook sharing is supported.)
4 Real-time customer status check
- Systematic analysis and provision of status of regular
  customers in real time.

- Support for real-time communication with customers
(customer comment, reply, customer memo function).

Case stydy
IBK Fooding

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