Market Tong

Business district promotion solution based on big data

Smart changes in traditional markets,
Creating a local business district that establishes
communication between traders and residents

Strengthening the competitiveness of traditional markets
and securing the viability of an old town business district using ICT

Traders can simply perform cost-effective target marketing and customer management via a smart phone, while community members can conveniently obtain daily living information (shop search, preferred shop news, etc.). Business district managers can understand the current situation of their local business district at a glance.

Traditional market traders
become stronger with Market Tong.

- Product advertisement by uploading product images,
  managing mobile pages by shop.
- Real-time communication by managing visitors and regular customers,
  and checking customer opinions.
- Effective advertisement and marketing using text messages and
  coupon transmission.
- Dissemination of advertisement effect using SNS by sharing discount
  coupons and coupon opinions on Facebook.
- Shop location information and shop information guide.
  using augmented reality (AR)

Users can check the present condition of
their community business district at a glance.

- Collection/analysis of the App user's location information and
  business district information, and management of the entire service
- Provision of status information report by visualizing real-time
  status information (e.g. local products, coupon issuance status, etc.)
- The business district report can be checked anytime anywhere
  using a PC or tablet.

Case stydy
Smilero, the business district promotion zones in Seongnam-si, Wonmi Market in Bucheon, Golmok Tour in Changwon, etc

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