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AI Video
Analysis Service
Cloud • On-premises
AI video analysis service that utilizes
AI to effectively and thoroughly examine
items and sound infor-mation in videos.
VidiGo is a service that uses AI to
analyze videos, summarize them,
and provide search capabili-ties.
It helps users quickly create
summaries and search for specific
information in videos using XIIlab’s
master model technology.
VidiGo Highlights
[Create efficient video summaries
and short-forms]
It is a service that makes use of artificial
intelligence technology to summarize
video content automatically and generate
short-form videos. Simply input the
YouTube video link and upload the file to
analyze videos, saving time and money on
editing easily.
VidiGo is a convenient platform for office
employees and video editors who depend
on videos for work and research, as well
as for students and individuals who often
share videos with peers and
acquaintances. It can also be used in
various sectors such as broadcasting,
entertainment, home shopping, MCN, and
other fields.
VidiGo Search Engine
[Smart video search and insights]
XIIllab’s master model-based video
analytics technology enables smart
content discovery and material
management. Based on the analyzed
results, it provides smart scene search,
highquality AI insights, and many other
useful features.
Industries such as broadcasters,
entertainment, OTT platforms, video
production, surveillance, and security can
make significant time and efficiency gains
by searching for specific people and
scenes in video.
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Main Features
AI-driven video
summarizations and highlights
Easy to use with chatbots for messengers like
KakaoTalk and Line
Reduce content editing time with the automatic
creation of voice data and short forms
Easy social sharing and downloading
Master model-based video
search and content
Examine different elements in videos, such as
scenes, individuals, items, and other details,
to enhance search capabilities and organization
Capable of recognizing over 210 various items
and languages originating from more than
36 nations
Offers in-depth reports and transcripts of
AI analysis in video format.
SaaS-based cloud image
analysis service
Internationally proven services based on the
AWS cloud environment
Offer convenient and secure recurring
payment options
XIIlab’s unique ability to utilize
11x faster than competitors at processing large
data volumes
4x more efficient GPU utilization compared to
30% reduction in user cost and analysis time
with distributed processing technology
How to Utilize
VidiGo Highlight
Ability to create video
summaries and short forms
Stations • OTT
Summarize key scenes from broadcast
programs and create shortforms in bulk
Home Shopping
Online Training
MCN · Solo Media
Start creating with VidiGo!