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Culture & Career
New employee
and welcome party
We held a new hire orientation at
XIIlab with a welcome kit.
Businesses conduct orientations to
help new hires fit into the organization.
Orientation is an effective way to
reduce the risk of attrition, turnover, and
more. It helps new hires settle in,
improve their job skills, and perform
well, fostering a sense of belonging
and understanding of the organization.
It can also boost employee morale by
communicating the company’s culture
and values.
XIIlab offers training for new employees
to familiarize themselves with the
company. Mr. Kim Joo-hyung oversees
the orientation, which covers important
topics that all XIIlab members should be
aware of, including company details,
recruitment processes, services,
personnel policies, benefits, rules, and
different applications and processes.
Following orientation, new employees
will receive a welcome kit at their
workstations. It includes supplies for the
office and promotional items from the
company that are practical for work use.
At this new employee welcome meeting,
we had time to create the company
logo and slogan, XIIlab and AI Game
Changer, together. We didn’t just color
them in, but we shared our vision, future,
and hopes for the company, and then
visualized and drew them into the logo.
I believe this enhanced the logo and
slogan’s value and uniqueness, and I
believe it was successful as everyone
contributed fervently.
Orientation course for
new employees
otMopage01 1. Create a contract
otMopage02 2. Access registration
otMopage03 3. Orientation
otMopage04 4. Department Placement,
     Meeting with Leader,
     On-the-Job Training