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What XIIlab does
XIIlab utilizes cutting-edge technology to
uncover the core value of raw video data.
We help companies across a wide range
of industries and enterprises apply
optimized processes to create new
Who is XIIlab
XIIlab utilizes knowledge in AI and
computer vision to offer users in-depth
video analytics solutions.

We are committed to offering advanced
analytics technology to assist you in
making intelligent decisions based on data.
(AI Video Analysis
Through research on AI video analysis
technology, we help users summarize the
key contents of videos and create high-
quality highlight videos more conveniently
and quickly than before. We also research
and develop new AI technologies and
provide customized services through
XIIlab’s Master Model Management
(MMM) technology.
Media & Entertainment
Provide a condensed version of the main
points in lengthy videos to assist users in
efficiently absorbing information for
practical use.
Create highlights of the most exciting and
important moments from sports
broadcasts and entertainment programs to
keep viewers engaged and entertained.
Simplify digital footage management by
enabling you to quickly find what you’re
looking for based on dialog, footage,
metadata, and more.
Education & Training
Increase learning efficiency by providing
a summary of the key takeaways from a
training video, allowing learners to quickly
review and review where needed.
Key learning points can be highlighted in
videos of educational or training sessions
to enhance focus and attention.
Make learning materials more accessible
by making it easy to find the topics and
related explanations you’re looking for
within training content.
Sports Analysis
Provide a brief overview of the game,
highlighting key plays and moments to
save time during viewing and editing.
You can analyze key moments for coaching
and performance evaluation, such as
scoring a goal in soccer or making a shot in
basket ball.
Search for specific players or game
situations in the video data to see their
playstyle or tactics.
Security & Surveillance
Reduce the time and fatigue security
personnel need to spend on live video
surveillance by condensing a large amount
of surveillance footage into a short video
with only moments of specific behavior
you set.
Identify risky situations or questionable
behavior in monitoring footage in order to
promptly react and conduct inquiries.
Search for specific people, faces, or
behaviors in the video to support law
enforcement and monitoring activities.
Enterprise & Marketing
Businesses utilize video summaries for
rapidly sharing project updates, event
feedback or training material.
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(GPU Infrastructure
Optimize the usage of GPU servers
by utilizing job schedulers and resource
optimization tools, enhance the user
experience by leveraging ML technology
for accurate time prediction, and boost
infrastructure management efficiency
through real-time monitoring and

These GPU infrastructure management
techniques play a critical role in a wide
range of industries and technologies,
most notably in high-performance
computing, deep learning, graphics
processing, game development,
real-time data processing, and more.
GPUs are extremely useful for performing
complex computations such as scientific
research, simulations, financial modeling,
and more. GPUs can be utilized to speed
up processing of large data sets and
increase computational efficiency.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning:
Using GPUs to train deep learning
algorithms and models can reduce
training time and develop more complex
and sophisticated models. GPUs can
leverage parallel processing capabilities
to quickly process large amounts of
data and train neural networks efficiently.
Create Graphic
& Visual Content
GPUs enable 3D graphics, video editing,
animation production, and more to
significantly reduce rendering times and
create high-quality visual effects in real
time. This is critical in the digital media
and entertainment industries.
Game Development
GPUs utilize the computational
capabilities of video game engines to
manage intricate game landscapes and
live graphics, contributing to providing
players with engaging game experiences.
Data Center and Cloud
GPUs help increase server efficiency
in data centers and enable cloud-based
services to process large amounts of
data quickly. This enables cloud service
providers to reduce costs and improve
service quality.
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(Synthetic Data
Provides synthetic data generation
technology for video analytics models to
overcome data acquisition challenges and
improve the performance of video
analytics models. Synthetic data refers to
data generated through computer
simulations or algorithms rather than real
data. It is utilized in a variety of fields and
contributes to improved model accuracy
and privacy.
Machine Learning & AI Training
Artificial data is highly beneficial for
educating machine learning algorithms in
cases where authentic data is limited or
too confidential to utilize. It enables the
creation of extensive data sets that
imitate real-world data features, aiding
AI systems in achieving more precise
learning and prediction.
Testing & Quality Assurance
Synthetic data can be utilized in software
development with high user interaction
to thoroughly test new features prior to
their release. This enables you
to guarantee that your application
functions effectively in different situations
that may not have been covered
with actual data only.
National Defense
or Healthcare
In the healthcare field, synthetic data can
be utilized to generate datasets that
maintain the statistical characteristics of
the original health record while
safeguarding patient privacy, which is
crucial. Researchers and developers can
use these datasets to create and evaluate
new treatments or diagnostic tools.
Automobile Industry
Synthetic data can be utilized in
autonomous driving technology to imitate
various driving scenarios and challenging
conditions that are hard to replicate in
actual testing. This can enhance the
safety capabilities of autonomous vehicles.
In the retail industry, synthetic data can
mimic customer behavior patterns, market
conditions, and sales trends without the
need to collect actual customer data.
This can assist in optimizing inventory
control, store layout design,
and marketing tactics.
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Digital Twin)
A powerful collaboration and simulation
platform that can be utilized across a
wide range of industries. The platform
enables companies to innovate across
multiple business areas. Especially in
architecture and construction, Omniverse
enables architects and engineers to
visualize and simulate building designs in
3D. This improves visual review and
collaboration on projects, and allows
design issues to be discovered and
resolved before construction.
NVIDIA Omniverse provides physics-
based simulation, advanced rendering
capabilities, and collaboration tools to
support a wide range of use cases. It can
help drive innovation across industries
and create realistic digital twin
environments in a variety of disciplines.
Media & Entertainment
Animation studios and content creators
utilize Omniverse for producing lifelike
3D animations and visual effects. The
platform offers advanced rendering
capabilities and collaboration tools,
enabling creative work while saving
time and money.
Automobile Industry
Omniverse allows car manufacturers to
simulate and test designs of vehicles.
This can enhance safety and productivity
while decreasing the time needed for the
development of new vehicles.
Automation and Robotics
Omniverse allows for the creation of
robots and virtual environments to
simulate interactions with humans or carry
out difficult tasks. This offers chances to
enhance the use of robots and enhance
efficiency in manufacturing and logistics
Video Game Development
With Omniverse, game developers can
create complex environments that interact
in real-time within their games. It’s also
compatible with a wide range of game
engines, enabling developers to deliver
new levels of immersive gaming
Education & Research
Universities and research institutions can
use Omniverse to visualize scientific
simulations and experiments and to help
teach students complex concepts.
NVIDIA Omniverse offers a variety of use
cases with physics-based simulations,
advanced rendering features,
and collaboration tools. This can foster
creativity in different sectors
and generate practical digital
twin encounters in various fields.
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(Real-time Video
Analysis Platform)
Utilize specialized algorithms to identify,
monitor, and evaluate objects and human
movements in live video footage.
It can be implemented to meet your
specific needs, whether it’s to increase
security, streamline operations, or analyze
and predict patterns.
Security & Surveillance
Improve your security system by adding
real-time threat detection, perimeter
defense, and incident response
Retail Analytics
With insights into customer behavior, store
traffic, and operational efficiency, you can
optimize your store layout and improve
customer satisfaction.
Transportation & City Planning
Improve transportation and urban planning
by studying vehicle and traffic flow, as well
as understanding pedestrian movement
patterns to enhance efficiency and safe.
Custom Platform
We can provide you with the best
customized platform to meet your specific
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Why XIIlab?
Accuracy & Reliability
XIIlab employs cutting-edge technology
and extensive testing to offer precise
and dependable video analysis services.
User-friendly Interface
XIIlab’s products are designed to be easy
to use, making even complex data easy
to access and utilize.
XIIlab’s products can meet the diverse
needs of customers from small to large
Support Specialist
AI experts at XIIlab have a wealth of
experience in achieving business results.
We offer continuous assistance and
training to ensure customers make the
most of their investment.
XIIlab’s AI image analysis
technology is being
utilized across different
sectors, aiding in the
development of a more
intelligent and
convenient ecosystem.

We have demonstrated
the effectiveness of our
technology with a range
of products and research
projects. Through
personalized consulting,
we will carefully assess
customer needs and
recommend the best
product. To learn more
about our products or
make other inquiries,
please reach out to us
through the
“Product Inquiry” page.